Advise and support institutional and private actors in the design and deployment of high-impact territorial development strategies and projects

Beyond a first spatial dimension, a territory (a region for example) refers to governance systems, citizens and institutional and private actors.

Thus, territorial development aims at economic, social and human development, notably through greater economic growth, job creation and overall well-being of the populations concerned.

However, for sustainable territorial development several challenges must be taken up: the alignment and coordination of the actions of the different stakeholders, the optimization of territorial potential while taking into account the induced constraints, the definition of optimal positioning on the map national and international, etc.

Valyans Consulting supports institutional and private actors, at the national level as well as in Africa, for the development and implementation of strategies and projects aimed at the high-impact transformation of a territory.

By relying on different sectoral and functional expertise, Valyans Consulting provides pragmatic responses to the major issues and challenges of territorial development. Furthermore, the tools for steering and monitoring the implementation of projects, developed by the Firm, as well as the various proven Change Management methodologies, are used to help the teams of the stakeholders concerned to successfully implement their territorial development projects.