Putting information to work to improve performance and deliver high-impact business solutions using a data-driven approach.


More than ever, information is at the heart of a company’s performance: Its value represents an undeniable competitive advantage in terms of identifying new growth opportunities, automating and optimizing processes, and managing performance.

Unlocking the true potential of data means integrating modern data science processes (such as machine learning and advanced analytics) into our clients’ business operations.

Valyans’ mission is to provide high-impact business solutions using a data-driven approach.

Our expertise

Convinced that machine learning and data analytics are essential keys to enhancing the value of our clients’ data bases, we are committed to helping organisations improve their performance by making the most of their data:

  • We define your strategy and leverage your internal and external data sources;
  • We identify and prioritize the high value-added use cases best suited to your business lines, for a fast, measurable return on investment;
  • We deploy an agile process in which data analysis is aligned with business objectives, and exploit the data to extract and implement quick-win actions;
  • We identify and integrate customized algorithmic tools and solutions designed to optimize and guide decision-making at different levels of the enterprise;
  • We also help our clients to manage change and develop their teams’ skills.

Our strengths

Our mission is to improve the performance of organizations by harnessing the full potential of their data. Valyans is based on an alchemy between:

  • A pragmatic methodological approach that perfectly matches company needs;
  • A strong foothold and proven expertise in the country’s various economic sectors;
  • Combining business expertise with the skills of our team of data-scientists, engineers and experts familiar with key issues, techniques and technologies.