An expanding sector with proven potential

Advise and support stakeholders in the fishing sector, national and international, in the design and deployment of high-impact development strategies and projects

The Halieutis Plan has brought new dynamism to the fishing sector. Thus profound changes aimed at the development of the fishing sector have been initiated, notably through the supervision of activity, the modernization of marketing structures and the development of processing and export.

However, the maritime fishing sector remains faced with three main challenges: preserving the fishery resource, improving performance across the entire value chain and strengthening product competitiveness.
Valyans Consulting supports stakeholders in the fishing sector, at national level as well as in Africa, in the definition and implementation of strategies and projects aimed at the modernization and promotion of a sector with high potential.

Drawing on its perfect mastery of the fishing sector, Valyans Consulting provides pragmatic responses to the major issues and challenges of the development of this sector.