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Valyans announced that it had obtained ISO 27001 certification. Issued by Bureau Veritas, this label of excellence marks the firm’s commitment to the protection of data in its ecosystem.

Valyans is now the first Moroccan consulting firm to hold ISO 270001 certification. This standard, which relates to the Information Security Management System (ISMS), aims to deploy a real security policy, guaranteeing the integrity , confidentiality and availability of its information assets.

Reliability and confidentiality are the cornerstone of the firm. Since its creation in 2005, they have constituted multidimensional strategic issues in its consulting activities. Indeed, Valyans positions itself as a privileged partner of major Moroccan and African institutions and obtaining the ISO 27001 label is a continuation of this dynamic. It demonstrates Valyans’ concern for the integration of good practices adopted over time by its employees in order to protect financial data, documents subject to intellectual property, information relating to its customers and data entrusted to it on a daily basis. by third parties.

ISO 27001 certification is a true international reference since it is granted in more than a hundred countries. This guarantee of quality and reliability constitutes a strong argument for Valyans regarding the attention paid to safety in its export approach to the African continent.


Valyans is a Moroccan consulting firm, specializing in the definition of strategies and their operational implementation, with nearly 80 employees and more than 100 million dirhams in annual turnover.
Valyans offers a complete range of support to its clients ranging from Strategic Consulting, to Economic Intelligence, including Corporate Finance.

Agriculture, Territorial Development, Renewable Energy, Fishing, Industry, Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Education and Training, Crafts, Tourism, Commerce and Commercial Urban Planning, etc. Valyans supports African countries in their development through structuring projects, at the heart of societal issues and a vision of consulting guided by impact.

Valyans is a multi-specialist team and multi-sectoral expertise with a pragmatic approach favoring action on the ground. The experience accumulated over more than 200 projects gives him a holistic vision of the functioning of an emerging country.

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